Trying my hand at some stitching, mostly for my own personal wardrobe.  Why not, right?


Alright here's one I kept the sleeves on, for now.  This jacket is one of 12 that I'm making for a group of friends that are all going Bali with my woman and me for her birthday, all snakes on denim.  I'll probably cut the sleeves off out there, just to beat the heat, y'know?  That's my girlfriend's bike, she calls it Lipstick.


This one's a real winner with parents and co-workers.  As if demonic cunnilingus and drug use wasn't enough, I blew the barn doors off it and made it a biker vest.


This is my version of a Hopi sun face.  I also sewed an old blanket to the inside of this one, so its great in cold weather.  I guess it would be more effective in that regard if it had arms, but not as cool.